Monday, August 16, 2010

colours and patterns

colors and patterns are always fun. it'll instantly heals your bad mood on a very bad-moody-day. but be carefull.. Do not over do it. gud luck. here are some of the great examples.

even our Lady Gaga is no exception.

stripe and hot pink. nice

look at their shoes.

(image sources: google image, jack n jill blog, random tumblr)

and here is my version.. =)

i can see you!

love love and love this nude coloured chanel bag..

Friday, August 13, 2010

cool chair.

Gravity Balans is the 4 in 1 chair design by Peter Opsvik from hah.
he (Peter) said that ppl nowadays are wasting their money by buying different chair for different uses/function. so from this he manage to design this brilliant chair that can be use up to 4 functions.
(however, this is not the 1st chair of this kind are invented in Norway)

Friday, August 6, 2010

get the look: Mischa barton

how to wear : flare jeans

many celebrity including victoria beckham, nicole richie, miley cyrus and much more are spotted wearing flare jeans. importantly, flare jeans can make your leg looks longer!

(image sources:,,, google image)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

another trial

my latest addiction..

my first trial =)

its polyvore.its the website where u can mix and match of ur fav items into a collage with amusing background etc. try me, its addictive!.
this is my own made collage (through polyvore).

second trial..i know.its a bit messy. =)

copyright by me

nicole richie always looks good

(source: Popbee)

since she lost almost all of her weight and also being a fab mommy also right after she get rid of her annoying ex-bff (= , she looks extremely more radiant, glowing and beautiful these day. fyi, i love her style. its a mix of bohemian look which she brilliantly mix and match of the designer pieces with vintage accessories. the way she dress up always inspires me.

(screenshot from ASOS magazine)

(source: eonline)