Saturday, July 31, 2010

this is exactly what im doing on sunday morning


(source google)

inspiration-baggy top

love love and love this outfit. (source from the glamourai)

this is the most comfortable thing ever! i'd prefer to wear baggy shirt/top over tight top not sure why but it may due to hot weather or maybe im putting on some weight.. =)
the picture below inspired me the way they combined all the things together and look simply stunning.

(source carolinemode, random blogger, google)

Friday, July 30, 2010

girl in the old bicycle.

i always adore my grandpa's bicycle since i was a lil' kid. he always riding it around my village every morning as his daily-healthy-routine.

yes, that vintage bicycle..i want to ride my grandpa's bicycle but it kinda too high for me to get on it so i cant. =(
seriously i want one, pleaseeee!!
the girl riding this kind of bicycle always fascinated me in many ways. just look at the picture below. let the picture speaks for itself.nothing left for me to breathtaking!

grace kelly!

even Mary-kate riding it too!

(pic taken from random blogger and the sartorialist)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

White is elegant

i love white..who doesnt rite? i love white tees, white cars, white sofas, white bags but ive never imagined that i would love white/albino exotic animals. yep, im talking about white peacocks, lions, alligators, snakes. its rare and gosh! they're gorgeous!
i found this pictures of amazing white-albino animals. they're pretty in a weird way... i've never seen any of these white animals in person before and if i do, it might be a jaw drop moment..its amazzzing!


she's a beauty.

creepy but gorgeous!

handsome! =)

nice pose buddy!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Must have item: Nude colored pumps

Why? well there are tonnes of answer i can answer you.

Penelope wear nude colored pumps as below

Victoria Beckham in nude coloured and black pumps. which one is your pick?

Black pumps..its to common.i bet every girl out there own at least one. (well if u dont, seriously i dont know what to say). so its time where we need something extra to change ur whole look.

That’s where nude heels come in. They transition well from season to season, they’re phenomenally flattering, and, most importantly, they’re different. If you don’t have a pair of nude heels of your own, they are a style you must invest in. You’ll be able to integrate your new pumps into your wardrobe seamlessly, and may even find yourself picking them instead of your basic black when you’re getting ready to go out!

The main purpose of wearing nude shoes is to create that gorgeous lean line that will make youappear slimmer and longer. (its a simple cheat to make ur legs look longer and slim!) Who doesn’t want that? In order to do that, the color of nude must be within a few shades of your own skin tone.

To gain the long, lean line, the shoes also should have some height. Luckily, platform soles and wedge heels continue to be popular for spring and summer, so you can gain a few inches (in height, of course!) without putting any heavy strain on your feet.

Espadrilles and cork wedges are great options for keeping a casual look that’s still stylish.

Look for ankle straps, gladiator-style sandals, and wrap-around ribbon closures to add fashion-froward accents to your nude shoes.

Rachel wearing ankle strap sandals.

Tips for Buying

1)Nude heels can work for every skin tone, but they have to match! Like makeup, you just have to find a shade that works for you. Don’t be afraid to try on many different colors to find the best hue–nude isn’t one size fits all! If you have darker skin, opt for a chocolate, camel, or tan pair instead of basic beige for a complementary match.

2)The nude you pick should be close to your skin color, but not match exactly as this can look a little creepy/old lady-ish. Textures such as animal prints and patent also help spice up a basic pump.

Tips for Wearing

1)While they may seem difficult to wear with things you already own, they’re not. Because nude (like black) is a neutral, nude heels go with almost everything. Try a pair with black cigarette pants,your favorite skinny jeans, or even super-trendy bright white, shredded denim. You can even wear them with shorts!

2)Nude heels will lengthen your legs like no other! For this reason, they look fabulous paired with your dresses and skirts.

3)Post-grad, or if you ever have an internship or job where you need to dress more formally, pair your pumps with a skirt/suit combo. They’ll spice up your more conservative outfit and showcase your awesome sense of style while still being office-appropriate.


From left : Online studded stilletos from Aldo, Dolce Vita Madison in biscuit Crinkle Patent, Nine West Rocha in light natural

From left: Qupid valtina platform pumps, Taupe faux leather crinkle patent round pump heels, Tan closed toe leatherette pumps

Say yes to Lemon!


"Lemon—besides offering a fresh and tangy flavor—has been shown to help with weight loss," says celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman.
How? Just add an ounce of lemon juice to each of your eight daily glasses of water for a quick antioxidant boost!

Printed trousers

well this is perfect for summer..obviously MY is all-year-summer country and this kind of trouser is perfect for MY's country.

its gorgeous, comfortable, easy to wear and electrify your wardrobe! perfect for daring person coz u'll be the centre of the attention just by wearing this.

Tips :
1) Match your trousers with a simple vest, a man’s silk pyjama top or a white tuxedo jacket or even a simple white tee
2) Paired with gorgeous accessories - necklace, bangles, rings (lots of them)

very simple but very chic looking.
less is more right. =)

this is my fav! love this print.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sand of style

its time for fashion...its been a very dull day and im jobless but still im very passionate about fashion deep inside..

the shoess..i bet u've heard that "good shoes will bring u to the great places".. and i think its true..can u imagine wearing an expensive to the fish market..hehe..nobody does that..i swear.

can u even imagine walking in this shoes..yes i doo!! but only in my dreams.since these shoes are incredibly expensive.yes, of course.. we can find sumting similar but with less cost.

so niceee... (courtesy of chic muse)

i love this looks damn comfortable..i love wedges more than heels actually coz i cn walk in it for long hours w/o having any sore on my feet..i bet u know this girl..shes is jane from seaofshoes..i love her shoes collection. (copyright from seaofshoes)

haha.. this is an exception..i forgot where i copied this pic, but i do love that kind of white shirt..paired with faded 501's and great heels..walla..its simple yet very stylish.

okk. this one is seriously my dream shoes day please!! and my fav quote from carry of Sex and the city, when she said that " i dun want big rock, i just want the big closet".. i know im not totally saying right but i hope u get it. =)

thats all for today..i'll update my blog soon.