Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sand of style

its time for fashion...its been a very dull day and im jobless but still im very passionate about fashion deep inside..

the shoess..i bet u've heard that "good shoes will bring u to the great places".. and i think its true..can u imagine wearing an expensive to the fish market..hehe..nobody does that..i swear.

can u even imagine walking in this shoes..yes i doo!! but only in my dreams.since these shoes are incredibly expensive.yes, of course.. we can find sumting similar but with less cost.

so niceee... (courtesy of chic muse)

i love this wedges..it looks damn comfortable..i love wedges more than heels actually coz i cn walk in it for long hours w/o having any sore on my feet..i bet u know this girl..shes is jane from seaofshoes..i love her shoes collection. (copyright from seaofshoes)

haha.. this is an exception..i forgot where i copied this pic, but i do love that kind of white shirt..paired with faded 501's and great heels..walla..its simple yet very stylish.

okk. this one is seriously my dream shoes wardrobe..one day please!! and my fav quote from carry of Sex and the city, when she said that " i dun want big rock, i just want the big closet".. i know im not totally saying right but i hope u get it. =)

thats all for today..i'll update my blog soon.

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